September 23, 2023

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New York Concert Highlights – Billboard

Amid Mexican Independence Day celebrations and Hispanic Heritage Month, Becky G lit up the United Palace in Washington Heights, N.Y., on Saturday (Sept. 16).

It was her second of two nights at the 3,330-capacity venue as part of the artist’s first headlining national tour, Mi Casa, Tu Casa, which launched Sept. 14 in Boston. Upcoming dates include Atlanta (Sept. 21), Hollywood (Sept. 23), El Paso (Oct. 3), and concludes in Phoenix (Oct. 14). 

“Mi nombre es Becky G y bienvenidos to the Mi Casa, Tu Casa tour,” she said in Spanglish. “New York, I’m not even going to sugar coat it, okay? Soy muy dulce a veces, pero otras veces un poquito picosa (“I’m sweet, at times, but other times, I’m a little spicy”), she said shortly after opening her show with her hit song “Mayores,” which features Bad Bunny.  

Donning baggy Mexican pink cargo pants, with a long silver chain, a matching sparkly bikini top and a cowboy hat, the Inglewood native’s alluring performance included an invigorating live band, a crew of dancers, an exciting DJ set and beautiful home videos of the artist (born Rebecca Marie Gomez) played on the screen behind the stage.  

“There was so much inspiration of the 200% for me — I knew that I wanted to make a statement representing two cultures, two flags, two languages,” Becky G told Billboard Español in August in preparation for her tour. “From the color scheme to the way that we played out the setlist, and having the whole middle set of the show be dedicated to música regional was the essence of the tour. We are bringing Casa Gomez to everybody on Mi Casa, Tu Casa and it’s going to be really awesome.”

And Becky G truly delivered — her charming stage presence, her combination of “sweet and spicy” energy, her vulnerability, her connection with her fans, and deep appreciation for her foundations made this entire night very special one. 

Here are five highlights from Becky G’s first headlining tour at United Palace in the Heights on Sept. 16.

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