September 23, 2023

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Mclusky Return With First New Songs in 19 Years: Listen

Mclusky, the influential post-hardcore trio, are back with four new songs, billed as a double-A-side single: “Unpopular Parts of a Pig / The Digger You Deep.” Listen to those below, along with the B-sides “Fan Learning Difficulties” and “That Was My Brain on Elves.” The tracks are Mclusky’s first since what appeared to be their final studio album, 2004’s The Difference Between Me and You Is That I’m Not on Fire. Now, frontperson Andrew Falkous says a follow-up is due next year.

After establishing themselves as bastions of acerbic British rock with albums like Mclusky Do Dallas, the trio of Falkous, Jonathan Chapple (now replaced by Damien Sayell), and Jack Egglestone parted ways in 2005. The Welsh band released the compilation Mcluskyism the following year and splintered into separate groups, including Falkous’ Future of the Left and Christian Fitness. Mclusky reformed last year for their first North American tour since the split, but the second leg was postponed due to Falkous’ various ear illnesses. The new songs are out now in part to help fund visas for the band’s return.

In a message through Christian Fitness’ Bandcamp page, Falkous wrote:

at the above link are four mclusky songs, newly recorded and flattened into shape – the first release since 2004 (you can use the calculator on your phone to find out that’s nineteen years, which is the lifecycle of four hairstyles). the first two songs, ‘unpopular parts of a pig’ and ‘the digger you deep’ should make the album we are releasing next year (we’re hopefully finishing up the recording in february). anyway, medium story short, we’re hoping to rearrange our US dates for march of next year and need to raise money for visas hence this here, now, at this price.

if it’s a bit steep for you at the moment drop me a message and we’ll figure something out.

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