December 9, 2023

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Reach Records Celebrates 116 Day with New Single

Atlanta, GA (Source: Jackie O & Co.) Reach Records, a pioneering label for CHH artists and a trailblazer for the genre has introduced an unashamed lifestyle to fans who love Hip-Hop and Jesus for two decades! This year they’re celebrating “116 Day,” and kicking off 2023 with a new single, “Walk” featuring Lecrae and Hulvey!


Reach Records also announced their new show, “116 Life,” streaming on Sirius XM Channel 154 every Tuesday at 8pm on Holy Culture Radio. A partnership with Holy Culture Radio, “116 Life” is co-hosted by Reach Records executives, Marcus Hollinger(CMO) and Lasanna “Ace” Harris, (multi-platinum Grammy Award-winning producer and SVP of A&R). “116 Life” will feature riveting conversations with a rotation of VIP guests that explore faith, current events, and topics relevant to hip-hop and CHH culture with exclusive world premieres of new music from Reach Records and beyond. “Our aim at Holy Culture Radio (HCR) is to provide progressive music and empowering conversations that prompt people to connect, collaborate and inspire others as we collectively share the Gospel within the culture,” shared Hollinger in a previously released press release. Tune into “116 Life” airing on Holy Culture Radio every Tuesday at 8 pm, streaming on SiriusXM 154. 


The first show airs on January 17th and will feature an interview with Reach Records co-founders, Lecrae, with CEO Ben Washer who will take you on a journey of Reach Records from its founding in 2003 to the present. Since the 116 Movement began, Reach Records roster has grown from its sole artist, multi-award-winning artist, and New York Times best-selling artist, Lecrae, and expanded from original 116 members Tedashii, Trip Lee, to include Andy Mineo, and newcomers 1K Phew, Wande, Hulvey, WHATUPRG.


Another big move for Reach Records is the inclusion of Tedashii’s single “Get Out My Way” ft Lecrae in Apple’s iPhone 14 “Action Mode” commercial. The song, selected from his Never Fold album (2019) was played in an advertisement that aired on January 9th during the NCAA National Championship game between the TCU Horned Frogs and Georgia Bulldogs. “So I turn on the game, and this happens!!!” shared Tedashii excitedly on Instagram. “The new commercial from Apple for the iPhone 14 features my song ‘Get Out My Way.’ Tell Lecrae we got one lol!”



Reach Records will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop and their own 20thAnniversary in big ways in 2023! Please follow @ReachRecords everywhere and visit!


Reach Records is an Atlanta-based independent hip-hop label founded in 2004 by Lecrae and Ben Washer. Long before acclaim, awards, plaques, chart positioning, and radio play, the two started the label because they both love hip-hop and Jesus. Reach Records was launched with no strategy, no funds or big players, but they made big moves! Today Reach Records is a trailblazing label with a roster of nearly 10 artists and a staff of 20 who are unashamed about sharing their faith and passionate about hip-hop. Reach Records is committed to building a movement that combines faith with music and popular culture. 

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