November 30, 2023

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Premiere: The Psychotic Monks Share New Live Video for “Post-Post-”

Premiere: The Psychotic Monks Share New Live Video for “Post-Post-”

New LP Pink Colour Surgery Out February 3rd via Fat Cat Records / Vicious Circle

Dec 13, 2022

Photography by Benedicte Dacquin

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Earlier this year, the Paris post punk outfit The Psychotic Monks returned with news of their forthcoming third LP, Pink Colour Surgery. Produced by Daniel Fox of Gilla Band, the record finds them expanding on the fiery, noisy, and jagged style they established with their first two albums. This includes partially improvised recordings, ambitious song structures, and searing performances.

The band announced the record with their lead single, “Post-Post-,” and followed with their latest effort, “All That Fall.” Today, they’re back with an accompanying live video for “Post-Post,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Post-Post-” deals in the band’s more psychedelic side, opening the track with an abstract noise intro before diving into driving dance punk rhythms and buzzsaw guitars. The results are at once hazy, violent, and entrancing, stretching out over the eight minute mark as the band takes you on a trip through their barbed and jagged soundscapes. The band’s explosive and singular style take on a special life in the accompanying live video, recorded at France’s Cirque d’Hiver. In the live setting they sound wild and unerringly intense, with the band building further on the track’s improvised blurry noise rock expanses and delivering fervent vital energy on its dance punk portions. .

As they explains, “When we learned that the live session would be shot at the Cirque d’Hiver we thought that this huge two hundred years old circus would be an ideal setting for “Post-Post”, as for us the song is impregnated with a certain circassian, dadaistic, kafkaesque atmosphere. We were live, with the audience all around as if we were acrobats in an arena, struggling against ourselves.”

Check out the song and video below. Pink Colour Surgery is out February 3rd via Fat Cat Records / Vicious Circle.

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