December 9, 2023

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AIMP Announces New Leadership Teams, Board Members & Atlanta Chapter

From left: Lau, Alexander, Guyer and Caruso

The ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT MUSIC PUBLISHERS (AIMP) announced TODAY (12/9) the results of its 2023-2024 Board of Directors elections, which also included the creation of an ALTANTA chapter, two new amendments to the AIMP bylaws, new leadership teams and board members in NASHVILLE and LOS ANGELES, and new board members in NEW YORK. 

In LOS ANGELES, Chapter head and Pres. TERI NELSON CARPENTER steps down, replaced by former VP MARC CARUSO. FRANK HANDY becomes VP, while Board Member ERIC POLIN is the new Chapter Secretary, and JNOATHAN HASKELL becomes Chapter Treasurer. The new board members include: MARJORIE GARCIA, GARRETT JOHNSON, TODD BRABEC, YVONNE DRAZAN, GINIA EADY-MARSHALL, MARLA LUDWIG, ABBY NORTH, BARBIE QUINN and MICHAEL TODD, and the Chapter’s new Administration Director is JULIET LYONS.

CARPENTER said, “My time with the LOS ANGELES Chapter has been an extremely meaningful chapter for me personally and professionally. While it is bittersweet to see it come to a close, I know the LOS ANGELES Chapter is in incredible hands, and I look forward to continuing to cheer them on in all their endeavors.”

In NASHVILLE, Chapter head and Pres. JOHN OZIER steps down, replaced by former VP REE GUYER. Board member DUFF BERSCHBACK becomes VP, while TRINA SMITH DORT is elected Treasurer and TIM HUNZE is the new Secretary. The elected Board members include OZIER, DORT, JANINE EBACH and KEITHAN MELTON, who will serve with ET BROWN, ROBERT CARLTON, COURTNEY CRIST, SHANNON HATCH, ALEX HEDDLE, MICHAEL MARTIN, LESLIE ROBERTS and MIKE SISTAD, with EMILY BOARDMAN as the Chapter’s Administration Dir. and KENDALL LETTOW the Administration Asst.

OZIER said, “I cannot believe how quickly eight years has flown by. While the NASHVILLE music community and the industry as a whole have faced so many challenges in recent years, I couldn’t be prouder of all that we have achieved as a Chapter. I am happy to pass the torch to our incredible new leaders, and am looking forward to continuing to work alongside them as a Board member.”

ATLANTA will form a new Chapter for AIMP. Chair of the AIMP ATLANTA Steering Committee TONY D. ALEXANDER said, “After a productive and fulfilling year developing the ATLANTA Steering Committee, I am thrilled that we are officially moving forward as the AIMP ATLANTA Chapter. I am inspired by the passion and diverse perspectives that the ATLANTA independent music publishing community will bring to the table, and I cannot wait to see all that we achieve together as a Chapter over the coming years.”

In NEW YORK, the Chapter’s four officers — MICHAEL LAU, DEBBIE ROSE, ART LEVY and STEVEN WHITE remain as Pres., VP, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, and new board members AMBER CHARANIA, DAVID HOFFMAN and JOANNE KELSEY join PHIL CIALDELLA, ANTONELLA DISAVERIO, JOYCE DOLLINGER, JEFF PACHMAN, BROOKE PRIMONT, MELANIA SANTA ROSA and MICHAEL SIMON, while the Chapter’s new Administrative Dir. is LEIGH CUSICK.

LAU said, “I am honored to be chosen to serve another term as AIMP NEW YORK Chapter President and excited to work alongside our new Board to continue educating and representing the independent music publishing community in this amazing city. I am constantly impressed by all that our Chapters are able to accomplish both individually and together to create change and provide resources within the indie music publishing space. I also want to thank both JOHN and TERI for their leadership at the NASHVILLE and LOS ANGELES Chapters these past few years. I will miss their partnership on the executive level. I am very proud of the strides we made these past two years in effecting change as well as further developing the amazing working relationship between the chapters. You will be missed!”

The organization has also passed two new AIMP Bylaws amendments. The first amendment adjusts the definition of an independent music publisher, which all Chapter Presidents and VPs must fit. The second amendment allows Chapter Presidents, VPs or Secretaries to apply to their Chapter’s Nominating Committee for an extension beyond the current four-year term limit.

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