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Louder Than The Music – RichRel Releases New Single ‘He Is Our Home’

RichRel Releases New Single ‘He Is Our Home’

Oct 27 2022

RichRel has released his new single ‘He Is Our Home‘. “The song began as a strum on my acoustic guitar, expressing the present pain of a past broken relationship”, he explains.

“The melody was from above, but the journey of arranging and structuring it had just begun the 8-month journey.” Healing took place within the soul and heart of RichRel and the Lord originally put this one thought/truth in his heart: “no matter how outcasted, misunderstood or rejected you have felt and/or feel, I embrace and accept you, my son.” As RichRel continued to play the song and originally introduced it to his co-producer and friend Rickey2, there was a redirection that took place founded on the next spiritual truth that not only was God accepting us, but He perpetually was, is and will be our “Home”. We are always at home when we accept Christ in our hearts.

The final turn of the song as you hear in the first verse is the constant struggle and focus to not only make his Gospel “Good News” music for those that currently know the love of God, but for those that feel like “This world is shaking you down, and you cannot breathe”.

The final production of the song actually was over four separate sessions, including a scrapped first session and a final impromptu session that added the final layer of the more traditional gospel vibe during the special and close of the song. “We jokingly call this song Home 3.0 as there were three completely different songs recorded; with direction & energy tweaked and constantly rewrote 🙂 – it should be Home 10.0!“ exclaims RichRel.

RichRel said he’s excited about an expanded fan base beginning to recognize his cross-generational and multicultural appeal as an artist. Originally from Chicago, this former D1 football star eventually decided to hang up his cleats in favor of a professional career as a recording artist. Along the way he also founded a nonprofit called Mission1Race that creates content, community experiences and unity-based curriculum that seeks to establish diverse collaborations to advocate for and bring together people of multiple background and demographics.

The ultimate goal of all of his ministries: music, movies, Mission1Race and speaking/preaching is to act in the identities God has given as “An instrument of His Love”, “Warrior of Light” and an “Ambassador of Oneness”.

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