December 9, 2023

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Louder Than The Music – Fuel4Soul Singer Gary Caserta Releases First Solo Single, ‘He Is’

Fuel4Soul Singer Gary Caserta Releases First Solo Single, ‘He Is’

Oct 25 2022

Christian rock band Fuel4Soul’s lead singer Gary Caserta has released his first solo single, a soulful song titled “He Is.” The song is streaming now, and going for adds at Christian rock radio, where it is already impacting the charts.

“The song is about my love for our Maker, how our Lord is everything to me,” Caserta shares about “He Is.” “I will never stop getting the guidance I need from Him.”

“He Is” will not be the first time Gary Caserta’s raw, grunge-inspired voice has impacted the charts. As the lead singer of Fuel4Soul, Gary’s vocals were part of propelling their song “Keep the Faith” into the top 25 of CMW’s Christian rock charts. Even as Fuel4Soul continues their momentum as one of Christian rock’s rising bands to watch, Gary’s creativity is finding additional outlets in his solo work.

“Pursuing a solo career is something I’ve been wanting to do for years,” he explains. “I have sung in many bands dating all the way back in the early 90s. It was a goal of mine to do a solo project, especially with lots of songs I have written in the past and done nothing with.”

Those songs encompass Gary’s diverse musical influences, which range from Led Zeppelin to Def Leppard to Stryper. He says, “I am pursuing a mixed rock sound for my solo career. It can be hard rock at times, alternative rock, even soft rock. I like to use different sound effects in my music to change everything up.”

Gary himself has often been compared to Chris Cornell as a vocalist, equipped with a similar passionate grunge tone. That tone carries “He Is,” lending it a raw urgency that emphasizes the song’s message.

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