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Louder Than The Music – Jess Debenham Releasing Third Single ‘Great I AM’

Jess Debenham Releasing Third Single ‘Great I AM’

Oct 10 2022

Jess Debenham is a singer, songwriter and passionate worshipper based in Brighton, who has been serving on worship and songwriting teams at her home church, Emmanuel, for the last six years.

This year, Jess released her debut single ‘Come to Me’ based on Matt 11 v28. This was played multiple times on Premier Praise, featured on Louder Than The Music, was voted fourth in A Step Forward’s Contemporary Worship May 2022 Music Chart, and its music video was released June 10th. She then released ‘Infrastructure’ which has been part of multiple Spotify playlists including Gospel Hydration’s ‘Christian R&B & Pop’, ‘Christian House Party’ and ‘Refreshing Christian Indie / Worship’ playlists. Jess is now excited to release her third single: ‘Great I Am’.

Jess wants to create for the Creator, to present the consistent and powerful truths of the gospel and the glory of God’s nature with fresh perspective. Jess’ songwriting encompasses themes of closeness with God, His divine holiness, and His never ending grace. Through lyrics that portray the Jesus of the Bible clearly, the wonders of His character, and the excitement of His coming, she hopes to inspire people in their relationships with God, and the mission of living their everyday lives in His light.

These three singles poignantly reflect the journey God has taken Jess on and this final release reflects where she is living right now. Having experienced a season of God revealing the truth about His character and her own identity, God has given her a hunger to enter into the throne room of God. Jess has a zeal to see His Kingdom come, and a love for the book of Revelation and His holiness! She prays that God’s Church, God’s beloved Bride, will be undone and left in awe of our Holy God and His presence. That they would have revelation of who is amongst us and who dwells in us, and from that place see a rise in faith and expectation to see God move, do miracles, and see the Kingdom of God come in villages, towns, and cities.

Journeying from the time of the tabernacle to beyond the cross, ‘Great I Am’ speaks of the astonishing gift of the Holy Spirit among His people. The truth of God Himself; the Holy, Holy, Holy One coming into this world as one of us so that we can know His presence intimately, share in His victory and look upon Him in awe of His grace.

In sections of ethereal stillness, and others of declarative percussion, the song has an expansive musical quality that – in a small, human attempt – is reflective of God’s grandeur. Grounded first by spacious vocals pointing our focus to truth and His Majesty, the beginning of the journey sets anticipation for a cathartic, eyes lifted release of worship at the end, with a vast, heartbeat pulsed score carrying underneath throughout.

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