December 9, 2023

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Louder Than The Music – David A. Porter, Sr. Urges People To Return To Church With New Single ‘House Of God’

David A. Porter, Sr. Urges People To Return To Church With New Single ‘House Of God’

Sep 13 2022

Pastor David A. Porter, Sr., is a gifted singer and songwriter. He has sung in church choirs for over thirty-three years, and since 2011 he has served as the senior pastor and worship leader at Excel Church in Bowie, Maryland.

Pastor Porter’s start in writing music began in fatherhood. “I have been writing music for 30 years,” he explains. “I initially began writing music to teach my children Bible verses as I would put the scriptures to melodies, and they eventually turned into songs.”

Thirty years later, Pastor Porter is still writing praise and worship songs. However, it was not until 2017 that he began to share his gift with the public. With a catalog of over seventy-five songs, Pastor Porter is eager to allow the world to hear his music starting with his debut album WINNER.

WINNER is a wonderful sonic presentation of contemporary Gospel and Jazz. Pastor Porter’s album is twenty-eight minutes of musical brilliance and inspiration. The album includes “Can’t Nobody Do” and “Bless You In The Name, ” featuring vocalist Michelle Carter Williams.

The first radio single from the album is “House Of God,” featuring Keith McGlown, Sr. “House of God” is written and produced by Pastor Porter via his label DNH Productions.

“People need to return to church,” says Pastor Porter. “During the pandemic, many churches were closed, and some folks got accustomed to staying home. I wrote the song to encourage people to come back to church.”

“I am glad to share my gift with the world finally,” says Pastor Porter. “I am honored to have my good friend Keith McGlown, Sr. as the featured artist on this song.”

“House Of God” is impacting radio and is available on the WINNER album on all digital outlets.

Pastor Porter has a bachelor’s degree from Howard University, and a master’s in Sociology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Since 1989, Pastor Porter has been happily married to Hope Maria Porter, with whom he has five children.

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