December 1, 2023

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YG Talks ‘Run’ Collaboration & How The Kardashians Inspired the Video – Billboard

With his new album I Got Issues slated to drop later this month, West Coast star YG sat down with Billboard News‘ Tetris Kelly to discuss his latest collaboration, “Run” with 21 Savage, Tyga and Bia, as well as the inspiration behind the video.

Throughout his career, YG — who has worked with multiple marquee names, including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Lil Wayne and more — plucked some familiar faces for his new single “Run.” After nabbing features from Tyga and Bia, he opted to take the surgical route and rework a 21 Savage verse that was originally on another song they previously recorded together. 



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See latest videos, charts and news

“21 Savage, he did another song on my album. I took the verse he did for the other record and put it on ‘Run’ ’cause it fit better and sounded better. I sped his verse up four, five [beats per minute] so that it would fit on the song, and it worked,” he said.

The action-packed visual isn’t a run-of-the-mill rap video. Inspired by the 1996 classic movie Set It Off, Tyga and YG mastermind a bank robbery in the clip.

“Me and Tyga were in the studio just trying to plot like, ‘What should we do for the video?’ There’s only so much you can do with that type of song. We ain’t wanna do like a flashy rap video, driving around in the cars. I got plenty of them. So we were like, ‘What can we do that makes sense that ain’t been done?’ We started talking about a bank heist but doing it in a way like nobody seen it by some rappers.”

To complete the mischievous deed, they channeled their inner-Kardashians and dressed up as the famed reality TV stars. YG admitted to Billboard News that though people were initially “shocked” by the teaser, after watching the video later, they quickly became fans. He also told Kelly that I Got Issues will “have something for everybody on there.”

“I’m giving a piece of my life,” he said. “I’m talking about what I’ve been going through, sitting in the crib for two years. It’s a good time, but it’s personal.”

Watch the full interview below. 

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