December 1, 2023

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Premiere: Lukka Shares New Single “People of Light”

Premiere: Lukka Shares New Single “People of Light”

Sophomore LP, Something Human, Due Out on August 26th

Aug 22, 2022

Photography by Jen Meller

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Later this week, German-born, New York-based outfit Lukka is set to share their upcoming sophomore LP, Something Human. Inspired equally by psychedelic synth odysseys and transcendent spiritualism, the record finds singer/songwriter Franzi Szymkowiak taking Lukka into the celestial outer reaches of psych pop. Lukka has already teased the record with its first two singles, “Wisdom of the Sun” and “Life In Reverse,” and today she’s back with a final taste of the album on her latest track, “People of Light,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“People of Light” is a sumptuous new effort, recalling the retro-electronica of Brian Eno, dreamy synth-laden psychedelia of Tame Impala, and the crystalline melodicism of vintage pop crooners. Though the track is anchored by driving percussion, its melodies float high in the stratosphere, conjuring a dreamy contrast between lush psych melodies and propulsive rhythms.

Meanwhile, in a similar fashion to her previous singles, the lyrics find Szymkowiak meditating on spirituality and cosmic oneness, examining how change is the only true constant in our lives. People and circumstances change constantly, like shifts in the light. Szymkowiak sings, “That’s how we’re living our lives / It’s the same as before then / Over again / And we’re changing through the times / Taking it all in / Over again.”

“The meaning of the title generally refers to all that we are and who we see is a reflection of the light. The song itself indicates that certain situations and circumstances we experience through the times causes us to change and reincarnate to different people. One can never know what kind of person they will be in 10 years from now as no one can really foresee the future.”

Check out the song and video below. Something Human is out everywhere this Friday on August 26th.

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