December 9, 2023

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Audio Up Sets August 30th For Debut Of ‘The Ballad Of Uncle Drank’

Finally Here

First announced in JUNE 2020 (NET NEWS 6/15/20), AUDIO UP is finally launching the scripted musical podcast, “THE BALLAD OF UNCLE DRANK,” created by AUDIO UP CEO/Founder and JINGLE PUNKS co-founder JARED GUTSTADT, and starring GARY BUSEY, LUKE WILSON and Country star BRIAN KELLEY.

The show was initially supposed to debut in 2020 as “UNCLE DRANK: THE TOTALLY HAMMERED PODCAST,” with a soundtrack released first. It was announced again at the 2021 IAB PODCAST UPFRONT, but ended up delayed and revamped, and will now bow as an eight-part podcast AUGUST 30th via SIRIUSXM, PANDORA, and STITCHER.

DENNIS QUAID was originally announced as BUSEY’s co-star, but WILSON is on the finished product instead, along with BILLY ZANE and KINKY FRIEDMAN. The soundtrack, to be released later this FALL, will feature UNCLE KRACKER, SNOW, and GUTSTADT, with the first single, UNCLE KRACKER’s “Biggest Dock on the Lake,” to be released AUGUST 26th. The show follows the story of a missing fictional Country star (described as “one-part KENNY CHESNEY and one-part Kenny Powers”) and his talking blender, “Blendy.”

AUDIO UP Pres./Music PJ BLOOM said, “Aside from being truly hilarious, this is a great way to show innovation within our music business. JARED has a great track record writing for artists across many different genres. Now, we are inventing artists of the future who live inside the podcast, but could ultimately tour, become brand ambassadors and create lucrative IP across film, television and streaming.”

Watch the trailer here.

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