December 4, 2023

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Edison Research Presents Results Of Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022

Presented Today

Fifty-nine percent of U.S. Latinos over the age of 18 have listened to a podcast, according to EDISON RESEARCH’s Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022, presented TODAY (8/16) in a webinar hosted by Sr. Dir./Research GABRIEL SOTO and LIBSYN Community Mgr. and SHEPODCASTS Co-Founder ELSIE ESCOBAR. In addition, over half of U.S. Latino podcast listeners have listened to an English-language podcast and 33% have listened in Spanish.

The study, commissioned by ADONDE MEDIA, LWC STUDIOS, LIBSYN, PRX, and SXM MEDIA, also found that 47% of Latino podcast listeners are women and 17% identify as LGBTQ+; 76% of monthly U.S. Latino podcast listeners use video podcasts and actively watch the video while listening, while 66% play the video in the background or minimize video on their devices; 76% followed up to find out more information about an advertiser after hearing a sponsorship or ad on a podcast with a Latino host, and 74% have recommended a product to a friend or family member after hearing a podcast ad with a Latino host; 53% said they refer to hear ads in both English and Spanish; and respondents said that the music artist they would most like to hear host a podcast is SHAKIRA, followed by JENNIFER LOPEZ, SELENA GOMEZ, and BAD BUNNY.

Other data points include that 66% of U.S. Latino monthly podcast listeners have listened to a podcast with a Latino host in the last month, up from 62% in 2021; 29% of U.S. Latinos born outside of the U.S. have listened to a podcast in the last month, with 37% of U.S.-born Latinos doing the same; and 52% of U.S. Latino monthly podcast listeners have used a promotional or discount code mentioned in a podcast to which they regularly listen.

SOTO said, “Latinos in the U.S. control an impressive $1.9 trillion in purchasing power, and today’s data demonstrate how advertisers who support Latino podcast content are benefitting, while those who don’t are missing out.”

ESCOBAR added, “Podcasting is attracting a growing, younger and more diverse audience, and Latinos represent a significant swath of this uptick. As a Latina, I’m excited to see the availability of more quantifiable and nuanced research on our community and their listening behaviors and preferences, which is invaluable for driving the podcasting industry forward.”

See the entire report in English or Spanish here.

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