December 7, 2021

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Making Time celebrates 21 years with James Murphy and a dance party at Fort Mifflin

Dave P and James Murphy | courtesy of Dave P

On Saturday September 11th, Dave P and Making Time are back for a star-studded evening at Fort Mifflin along the Delaware River to celebrate the group’s 21st anniversary. This time around, Making Time hosts legendary electronic musician and LCD Soundsystem frontperson James Murphy, who goes way back with Dave P, playing a legendary This Is Happening era show for Making Time at the Naval Yard. Murphy leads a crowd of respected DJs including Avalon Emerson, Kelly Lee Owens, Philly’s own cheeky, and many more for an evening that is sure to be (to use one of Dave P’s favorite words) “transcendental.”

DJ Avalon Emerson played Making Time’s last Philly show, and the first since COVID-19, at The Moshulu, a historic ship and floating restaurant docked near Spruce St Harbor. Needless to say, Making Time has no problem finding creative venues, and their 21st anniversary show at Fort Mifflin is no different. Dave P took his Instagram followers on a tour of the fort that went deep into its walls as a preview of what the crowd can expect. 

Making Time’s 21st anniversary show goes all day, starting at 2 p.m. and ending at midnight. For Philly-locals, a shuttle service is available to and from Fort Mifflin departing from the Barbary, where Making Time is known to throw parties from time to time. For tickets and show information, check out XPN’s Concert Calendar.

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