November 27, 2021

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Premiere: Naomi Westwater Debuts New Single “Feeling My Feelings”

Premiere: Naomi Westwater Debuts New Single “Feeling My Feelings”

New EP, Feelings, Due Out In September

Aug 11, 2021

Photography by blahnik x westwater

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Singer/songwriter Naomi Westwater is sharing their most personal and heartfelt work yet, untangling her complicated intersectional identities with her new EP, Feelings. Arriving three years after their debut album, Huntress: From Dark to Light, their latest work explores everything from Westwater’s experience with endometriosis and her spirituality, to hard questions of climate change and race. Westwater last shared “Americana,” a self-described reckoning on what it means to be multi-racial in America, and today she’s back with their latest single, “Feeling My Feelings,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Feeling My Feelings” sees Westwater once again pulling from their eclectic array of influences, from jazzy songstress legends like Ella Fitzgerald to indie folk mainstays like Wilco. The percussion skirts around the edges of the song while acrobatic guitar lines wind and enlace with Westwater’s smokey vocals. Westwater gives voice to unseen and unacknowledged pain, offering an understated yet powerful catharsis in vulnerable lyricism一“Feeling my feelings/I’ll just lie here/Crying and bleeding.”

Westwater says of the track, “I wrote this song in bed on my computer while I was having a painful flare-up from endometriosis. I was in so much pain, and I just felt I needed to express how challenging the disease was for me. Reflecting on the song now, I think it is also a haunting mirror to gun and police violence. This song is for those of us who feel our pain and feelings are ignored by others.”

Check out the song below and watch for the Feelings EP, due out this September.

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