November 27, 2021

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Sophie Coran Debuts New In-Studio Acoustic Version of “S P A C E”

Sophie Coran Debuts New In-Studio Acoustic Version of “S P A C E”

S P A C E Is Out Now Via ESI Records

Aug 05, 2021

Photography by Will DeJessa

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Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Sophie Coran made her full-length debut earlier this year with her new record S P A C E. Though the title initially conjures images of sci-fi adventure and alien beings, the reality Coran explores is more commonplace. S P A C E documents the struggles of unrequited love in smokey vintage tones, pulling from Old Hollywood romanticism and jazz-tinged compositions for a style Coran has coined “Noir & B.” Now Coran is back with an in-studio acoustic version of the record’s title track.

The new live version of “S P A C E” is the latest collaboration between Coran and videographer William DeJessa, captured and filmed in a single continuous take, in much the same format as Coran’s previous acoustic version, “Circles.” Coran draws intimate beauty from the track, adorned only by gentle keys and the gorgeous swelling accents from violinist Selby Yamin. The track’s jazzy pageantry is stripped back to an honest, vulnerable core, while remaining as moving and potent as ever.

On directing “S P A C E,” William DeJessa says: “The biggest challenge of shooting an acoustic series like this while still trying to do something new is learning how the stripped-down songs differ from the studio versions, then finding how that translates to moving about the room. While shooting, I had to rely partially on improvisation, intuition, and a bit of trial and error to develop the evolving shot composition. Fortunately, Sophie and Shelby were pros and held it together, take after take.”

Coran adds, “Creating this intimate arrangement with Shelby felt like such a great way to celebrate the release of the album, S P A C E, and I’m always so grateful for the opportunity to work with Will. It’s really special to go back to how a song began, especially after having worked with the full band on our arrangement for so long. There’s just something cathartic about stripping all of that away and getting to the core of the song.”
Check out the song and video below. S P A C E is out now via ESI Records.

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