The murder of King Von was a shock to the music industry and immediately following the shooting, there was more Von news that outlets could handle. Everyone weighed in on the situation from people who knew Von personally to those who admired his come up, but after it was revealed that Quando Rondo‘s friend, Timothy Leeks, was arrested in connection with Von’s murder, a divide began to arise between fans.

We may not be receiving much news regarding the development of the case in recent months, but the streets are still talking about this tragedy. Quando Rondo has stood by his friend Leeks throughout the ordeal and there has been news that Rondo has made questionable statements about King Von since his slaying. Most recently, Rondo and his entourage were reportedly fired upon, leaving one person injured after being shot in the hand. After the news circulated, the rapper sent out a puzzling message to his Instagram Story.

“A n*gga will tell you they love you then stab you in yo,” the message on the rapper’s Story reads. Of course, after the screenshot went viral, people on various social media platforms have been begging Rondo to finish what looked to be an incomplete thought. Instead, he deleted the post and decided to continue promoting his forthcoming mixtape, Still Taking Risks.

Last month, Rondo sat down with Angela Yee for an extensive interview regarding King Von‘s death and the backlash he’s received. According to Rondo, he never had an issue with Von and stated that he didn’t know why there was an altercation between the two crews that fateful evening. “I don’t have a clue at all. I never dealt with no female that he dealt with. I never said a curse word to this man,” said Rondo.

“Our last conversation been some cool sh*t, chillin’, laughin’, tellin’ jokes. I never had a problem with them,” he added. “That’s why I don’t understand how can everybody be mad at me? How can everybody be mad at my brother [Timothy Leeks]?” Check out his post below.