October 20, 2021

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Premiere: Di Ivories Debut New Single “Offer My Spine”

Premiere: Di Ivories Debut New Single “Offer My Spine”

New EP Home Remedies Coming This Summer

Apr 30, 2021

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Eccentric indie pop project Di Ivories is the vision of singer/keyboardist/composer Diego Martinez. Starting in Miami, Di Ivories played in the local scene before taking their self-described “symphony of chaotic wonders” to Brooklyn. Since then the band shared their 2019 self-titled debut and last year’s single “Somewhere In The Distance.” Now the band is back, sharing their first release of the year, “Offer My Spine,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Offer My Spine” is a wonderfully unpredictable psychedelic trip, a multi-phased odyssey beginning on spacious beds of synths before transforming into hooky neon-soaked indie pop and drawing to a close on a dreamy psych pop reverie. The track is an alluring exploration of tension and release, building up twisting dark melodies that then explode into brilliant color with the sugary rush of the chorus. Accompanying the song, Martinez has also shared a similarly offbeat video following a race for the titular coveted spine.

Martinez says of the track, “‘Offer My Spine’ came during the beginning of the pandemic under a time of great uncertainty as to how we would handle this impending wave of uncertainty. The process behind writing the song was an inner struggle to combine two opposite emotions and make them sound like they belonged together. The verses are dark and almost evil sounding, while the choruses sound hopeful and energetic. It later occurred to me that this song is about the struggle between waiting for good news and bad news at the same time.” Check out the song and video below, and watch for Di Ivories upcoming new EP Home Remedies coming this summer.

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