October 25, 2021

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Newspoke Debut New Album ‘Knocking On The Door Of Daylight’ – Stream It Below

Newspoke Debut New Album ‘Knocking On The Door Of Daylight’ – Stream It Below

Knocking On The Door Of Daylight Is Out Now

Apr 30, 2021

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New York indie rock duo Newspoke have accomplished an impressive feat in the age of the internet: making music while remaining totally anonymous. Though the band’s bio says “Band members are rumored to be formerly of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Mobb Deep,” for now the pair are simply known only as M and R. Newspoke has been quiet since the release of their 2018 debut album Faces. But last month the band returned, sharing a new set of jangly pop singles from their follow-up sophomore release, Knocking On The Door Of Daylight, out now.

Knocking On The Door Of Daylight is pure indie rock brilliance, delivering indelible hooks over adventurous instrumentals and a wonderfully lush recording. The duo takes cues from around the indie world, incorporating elements from jangle pop, college rock, grunge, folk, and lo-fi, into a hypnotic blend., all with a razor-sharp ear for melody. These styles play out over earworm synth hooks on “Clean,” gentle acoustic folk leanings on “Friend” and a climactic guitar solo that launches the closer, “Python Petroleum,” into ascendant heights. But even with the band’s warm and welcoming instrumental approach, their anonymity makes space for unrepentant honesty, crafting tracks that shine with rawness and sincerity as they travel down fascinating, and often dark, lyrical paths.

M says of the record, “I loved our first album, Faces, but I firmly believe Knocking on the Door of Daylight is a large step into new territory for us as a band.

We decided to work with Jorge Elbrecht (Japanese Breakfast, Washed Out, Ariel Pink) to mix the record and he was an absolute game changer. We needed a mix that blended our analog instruments and digital instruments while also bringing out the weird instrumentations and sounds that we blend into our songs to make sure nothing is repetitive.

But recording the album was much more difficult than anticipated. We began tracking the album almost immediately after Faces was released in March 2018 but soon into the process we both had personal difficulties pop up that slowed us down after we tracked drums. Then, all of a sudden, this weird thing called a pandemic threw everyone’s lives in flux. Everyone was thrown this nightmarish curveball and our band was no different. I never thought it would take 3 years to get to our second album, but here we are, and I think every second of the album is worth the wait.

While Faces was focused on breakups and declining health, Knocking on the Door of Daylight is more diverse: living with an addict, trouble finding love, finding love, the loss of several friends, and a lonely megalomaniac carving his name into the resolute desk. The album title is a signal for hope that there’s brighter things moving forward. In order for you to move beyond the past, you have to put all of these crappy life aspects to record; once they’re out there in the open, the future does look brighter. For the album cover, we chose this ominous image of the sun because it’s a perfect representation of this album: you want to approach the light, but to get there is immense, terrifying, and all-encompassing.”

Check out the full record below, out now.

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