October 28, 2021

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Louder Than The Music – Melissa Leigh Releases ‘Sun Shine Down’ Feat. Claudette King

Melissa Leigh Releases ‘Sun Shine Down’ Feat. Claudette King

Apr 27 2021

Melissa Leigh has released her new single ‘Sun Shine Down‘ featuring Claudette King. Melissa is a Christian artist with a “lotta rockin’ soul” in her veins and her voice. The new release, ‘Sun Shine Down‘ shows the versatility in her style. It’s her roots in a little country church and singing growing up that gave her the love for music.

With the soulful vibe of this new release, felt it only appropriate to have her dear friend, Claudette King ( daughter of the legendary BB King) join her on it! Rocking for Jesus this time!! Bringing Claudette onboard with her bluesy genes brought the perfect soulful vibe with their harmonies

Sun Shine Down,” (also called the whoop- whoop song) was created with Melissa and co-writer, Dave Lenahan and performed at writer’s rounds all over Nashville! The crowd always participated in the chorus. It’s been said once it’s in your head, can’t quit singing. Melissa feels that’s great perfect way to give all the glory to God up above! She and Claudette had been in the studio before but this their first collaboration! A great fit!

Melissa has been heavily active in the Nashville songwriting arena for the past couple years. She has written for several up and coming artists in country music. . She has collaborated with hit writers and is currently also working on pitches to sync. Her performances in across Nashville were welcomed by fans near and far.. Melissa’s releases “Mama Says”, “Hello” and “Thinkin’ Bout Thinkin’“ charted at top stations in Australia.

Being an Eastern Kentucky native, Melissa was on Season 3 of Country Music Highway 23 performing some of her original songs. Being from the Bible Belt, Melissa’s first love has always been Christian music and her Christian roots. More proud than ever to give God the glory, These newest songs are all for him!

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