October 23, 2021

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UK Concerts Set to Resume, But Not Rest of Europe

While the United Kingdom appears poised to resume full-capacity outdoor shows this summer, many other European markets will be forced to wait until at least the fall. Greek doesn’t expect indoor shows to resume in continental Europe before the end of the year, but he does expect them in the United Kingdom by September. And with most U.S. artists choosing not to tour Europe due to a paucity of tour dates and the possibility of new virus restrictions, local U.K. and European acts will take center stage as headliners.

Dieter Semmelman, CEO of Berlin-based Semmel Concerts, sees “no chance” of a return to live music events in Germany this summer and, instead, is focused on saving about 300 concerts scheduled for October through December. “It’s not a good feeling” that other markets are ahead of continental Europe, he says. “The only advantage we see in this situation is that all these full-capacity show tests will be made in the U.S., the U.K. and Israel, so our authorities will have some examples to study.”

Still, not everyone is giving up. A small number of marquee European festivals are pressing ahead with plans for July and August, including the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Exit in Serbia and Tomorrowland in Belgium. “We’re in full-force programming,” says Eric Van Eerdenburg, director of Lowlands Festival, which sold out its 60,000 tickets for the August event in the Dutch village of Biddinghuizen, about an hour from Amsterdam.

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