October 20, 2021

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Louder Than The Music – Elim Sound

Elim Sound release their new album ‘God is Still Moving’. Recorded in homes and studios all across the UK, the album was produced by Ian Yates and mixed by Trevor Michael. ‘God is Still Moving’ contains a number of new voices.

Once again the team have been intentionally drawing from the breadth of worship leaders and songwriters in the movement, inviting over 40 Elim songwriters into the process. “Many of us have struggled over the last year, many of us have lost friends and loved ones. We pray these songs provide a soundtrack for us all as we navigate this season of tension, trusting the One who holds it all, Christ Jesus.”

It can’t have been easy to record an album in the situation we are in as a world. But sometimes doing things differently can push us to be more creative and to push us a little bit more. Yet here we find this album with great individual songs that are strong and powerful and together as a collective this is an album that really works well. Each leader, singer and songwriter adds their own unique style to the songs, but when you mold all of that into one album it works as everyone is aiming for the same result.

Elim feel this new collection of songs brings a new depth and honesty to their writing. While the project contains songs of praise and worship, it also contains songs of lament and songs that bring big questions to the table yet remind us of the eternal hope we have in Christ, and that’s the result the church has created with this album. The array of sounds and styles are brilliant. From modern up lifting worship songs to slow intimate worship prayers, this album has it all.

I really enjoyed this album. There is something for everyone. What I would encourage you to do is to embrace this albums as a whole, but also as tiny pictures put together to make a bigger image. I feel these are songs for a time and a moment and actually this is that moment. These songs are ready for the local church but also for use on a personal level and how Elim have produced this together would not have been easy but I think they have done a strong job.

Review by Jono Davies

LTTM Rating 5 Out of 5 Stars

Standout Tracks


I Am Yours

Our God Is Moving

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