December 4, 2021

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Warner Music Nashville Offices Undergoing Multimillion-Dollar Renovation

Reopening in fourth quarter

The MUSIC ROW offices of WARNER MUSIC NASHVILLE are undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation, and are expected to reopen in the fourth quarter of this year. The rehab kicked off in MARCH, according to THE TENNESSEAN, which has a photo gallery, including a great shot of the building’s now gutted lobby area here.

Chairman/CEO JOHN ESPOSITO told the newspaper, “Us planting a flag and saying we’re staying on MUSIC ROW can help be a distinctive factor versus our competition. We can take the parts of what made this building special and attracted people to our building, but make it so much more user-friendly.”

For instance, he explained, “As romantic as the building was from the outside for people all these years, the way they designed the offices inside, there was no real open space other than the patio and the lobby. This place is going to provide for community gathering.”

The building at 20 MUSIC SQUARE EAST opened in 1992. In the redesigned space, THE TENNESSEAN reports, “A new recording and content creation space will allow WARNER artists to track demos or film promotional content in-house. An indoor performance venue will allow WARNER to host artist showcases or public performances, as they have through the Pickin’ on the Patio free concert series since 2009.”

Offices for publishing arm WARNER CHAPPELL MUSIC will move across the street, the newspaper reports.

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