October 20, 2021

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Brett Young Announces New Album, His Third

Brett Young leans into parenthood — just a little bit — on his new studio album. The singer says his third record, Weekends Look a Little Different These Days, is titled after the most true-to-life-right-now statement on the project.

To Today’s Country Radio With Kelleigh Bannen, Young explains that the album’s title track features a bridge that professes, “It’s crazy / There’s babies with messy hair / And toys and clothes and bottles scattered everywhere.” He says the song perfectly encapsulates “the reality of what our mornings look like” now that he and wife Taylor have one daughter and another on the way.

“They start earlier, they look messier, and they’re nothing like they used to be,” the singer adds with a laugh.

“With every new project, the goal is to kind of try to make it a reflection of what’s going on in your life currently …,” Young muses, “because you don’t get one-on-one facetime with each person that comes to a show, so I’ve always felt like, in order for me to feel connected onstage, I need to be, like, as authentically myself when writing these songs.”

Not every song on Weekends Look a Little Different These Days is about kids, family or parenting, Young says, “but the most honest statement that I make on this record is [that song].” Beyond that, though, he shares, “there’s a little bit of something for everybody.”

In addition to its title track, Weekends Look a Little Different These Days features seven other songs, including young’s brand-new single, “Not Yet,” as well as his recent No. 1 single “Lady” and the previously released song “You Got Away With It.” It’s due out on June 4 and available to pre-save now. Album details are below.

Brett Young, Weekends Look a Little Different These Days Tracklist:

1. “Weekends Look a Little Different These Days”
2. “Lady”
3. “This”
4. “Dear Me”
5. “Leave Me Alone”
6. “Not Yet”
7. “You Got Away With It”
8. “You Didn’t”

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