Wiz Khalifa‘s Khalifa Kush has been among the rapper’s many lucrative business endeavors, and on this fateful 4/20, the rapper slash cannabis entrepreneur has announced a promising new development on that front. As of today, it has been confirmed that Khalifa Kush and Tryke Companies have extended their existing partnership with a ten-year deal, with the partnership set to bring Wiz’s signature bud to dispensaries across the Southwestern United States.

“We’re excited to expand our footprint of the Khalifa Kush brand ensuring quality, authentic Khalifa Kush products are on the shelves of all the top dispensaries in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah for the next decade,” says Wiz, in an official press release. 

Wiz Khalifa

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tryke CEO Adam Ryan also shared a few words on the renewed partnership. “The entire Tryke team is thrilled to have this opportunity to expand our longstanding partnership,” he states. “The Khalifa Kush brand has consistently proven its ability to attract customers and drive sales, and our high-quality products have delivered on the lofty expectations of this premium brand. We look forward to introducing more KK products and strains in the years to come.”

The press release also outlines their focus on Arizona expansion, citing it as an “emerging recreational market.” In addition, Khalifa and Tryke are looking to further solidify the brand as a key player in the Southwestern cannabis market, teasing new and diverse products yet to come. Should you be interested in checking out more of what Khalifa Kush has to offer, check out the official website right here.

In the meantime, be sure to throw on our official 4/20 Wake & Bake playlist for all your smoking soundtrack needs. Bonus points if you’ve already sparked up some KK for good measure.