November 27, 2021

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First Country: Eric Church, Thomas Rhett & More

Tim McGraw, Here on Earth (Ultimate Edition)

McGraw drops the deluxe version of his current album, Here on Earth, with six additional tracks, most of which are already available to fans, including “Keep Your Eyes on Me,” the stately, dramatic ballad with wife Faith Hill originally featured in the 2017 movie The Shack; “Gravity” from Free Solo; and “Undivided,” his current duet with Tyler Hubbard.

Thomas Rhett, “Country Again”

Rhett, whose music has often veered to the pop side of country, heralds his return to his country roots musically, physically and emotionally in this fiddle-drenched ballad. “I love me some California/but it sure ain’t Tennessee/and my roots down there in Georgia, yeah, they started missing me,” he sings on this tale of finding himself by coming back home. After trading in his Silverado and his boots, he’s once again embracing his country origins and even, as the sweet last verse testifies, found his way back to being present with his wife instead of staring at his phone.

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