November 27, 2021

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Coldplay, Eno, Alt-J Collaborate On Major Climate Change Campaign, Playlists For Earth …

Playlists For Earth

COLDPLAY, BRIAN ENO, ANNA CALVI, TOM MISCH, ALT-J, and more have joined a climate change campaign dubbed PLAYLISTS FOR EARTH. The initiative challenges creatives (artists, actors, influencers, organizations) to use playlists to ignite conversations around environmental action. The song titles on each playlist, when read as a sentence, communicate a powerful message about the climate crisis. Created by environmental charity CLIENTEARTH, the campaign allows the music world to start important conversations with fans – about action on climate change and hope for a better future.  

Read and listen to playlists from COLDPLAY, ALT-J, TOM MISCH, MILKY CHANCE, FRANCISCA VALENZUELA and ANNA CALVI, watch the campaign video here and listen to playlists from over 60 others on SPOTIFY here. After the launch check out #PlaylistsForEarth across INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and FACEBOOK to join the conversation.

Commented ANNA CALVI, “We should be talking about the climate crisis now more than ever, and taking action to protect the planet we love. We need to see a massive cultural change and an immediate government response. That’s why I wanted to be a part of PLAYLISTS FOR EARTH, to spark conversation and explore what’s happening in the world in a new way in the lead up to the UN climate conference. It’s so important that we use our position in the arts to say something, as art really has the power to turn people’s attention to issues.”

Music has long been at the heart of social change and PLAYLISTS FOR EARTH allows people to engage simply and creatively with others on climate change, using music to create the conversation. CLIENTEARTH strives to bring people to a place where they feel change is possible; by focusing on change from the top down through industry transformation and government action, using the power of the law to secure systemic change.

CLIENTEARTH founding CEO JAMES THORNTON added, “As an eco-lawyer, my work is about making the future safe for people. I know harnessing the power of art and artists is fundamental to achieving that goal. Laws are the rules we agree on how we want to collectively interact with each other and with the planet – but first we have to imagine and communicate what we want that to look like. There are no more powerful tools to do so than art, music and literature. That’s why, ahead of COP26, and five years on from the PARIS AGREEMENT, we have joined forces with musicians, record labels, creatives and festivals to reframe and mix up the climate discussion using the most universal language we have – music. PLAYLISTS FOR EARTH harnesses music’s global reach to ignite vital conversations with new audiences – conversations of solution not disaster.”

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