December 7, 2021

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Steven Malcolm Counts His Blessings And Exalts His Maker With New Single

Nashville, Tenn. — IVAV (a division of Curb | Word Entertainment) recording artist Steven Malcolm is still riding high on the success of his Dove-nominated album The Second City. Malcolm returns to the intersection of hip-hop, pop, and forward-thinking gospel music with “Glory On Me (feat. Childish Major & Taylor Hill).” Listen to the track here.

“Glory On Me” is a celebratory single grounded in faith and optimism. It all begins with a church piano and a soulful refrain sung by collaborator Taylor Hill, then gives way to three minutes of rapid-fire wordplay and deep-seated beats. Also featuring an appearance from Childish Major, “Glory On Me” is Malcolm at his very best, mixing swagger and spirituality into a rowdy, redemptive song that blurs the boundaries between worship music and rap. 

Malcolm has always thrived in the uncharted territory between genres. The Second City, his most recent release, debuted at Number 11 on Billboard’s hip-hop chart, received a Dove nomination for Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year, and highlighted not only his hip-hop credentials but also his Jamaican roots and reggae influences. “Glory On Me (feat. Childish Major & Taylor Hill)” follows the same path, with Malcolm glorifying his maker over a track that owes as much to the club as the church. 

“It’s very rooted in hip-hop, but we give praise before the beat drops, so the song also has a real gospel foundation,” says Malcolm, who wrote the track during a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. “More than anything, it’s uplifting. It’s the song we all need in a time like this.”

Malcolm promises there’s more uplifting music on the way. “Glory On Me (feat. Childish Major & Taylor Hill)” marks the beginning of a fresh chapter that will unfold throughout 2021, with Malcolm continuing to release new songs that combine the spirituality of Sunday morning with the energy of Saturday night. For Malcolm, a prolific artist who grew up in search of a guiding light then launched his acclaimed career after finding God. The timing couldn’t be better.

“2020 was a year of discouragement, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel,” he explains, speaking from experience. “God’s still in control, and He still gets all the glory.”

“Glory On Me (feat. Childish Major & Taylor Hill)” is available here now.



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