November 27, 2021

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MILLY Releases New EP ‘Wish Goes On’ – Stream It Below

MILLY Releases New EP ‘Wish Goes On’ – Stream It Below

Out Now Via Dangerbird Records

Apr 09, 2021

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Los Angeles-based outfit MILLY first began as a solo project for songwriter Brendan Dyer before catching the ear of Jim Fairchild, of Modest Mouse and Grandaddy fame. MILLY signed with Dangerbird Records and debuted in 2019 with the Our First Songs EP. Dyer then hit the road, playing with a rotating lineup of bandmates before finally finding his band with Spencer Light joining on guitar, Yarden Erez on bass, and Zach CapittiFenton on drums.

On the road Dyer began sharing his songs with the group, dissecting the demos and putting them back together till the band’s sophomore EP began to coalesce. The band continued reworking the demos up until they recorded the EP with Gleemer’s Corey Coffman. Now the band have returned, sharing the five-track EP that emerged from those demos, Wish Goes On, out now on Dangerbird Records.

Wish Goes On casts the band in the same lane as MILLY’s tourmates like Swervedriver and DIIV. Dreamy melodies abound, washed in indelible grunge-tinged shoegaze guitars. The fuzzy riffs swirl around stomping slowcore rhythms and a disaffected ‘90s alt rock delivery from Dyer. That mix of impeccable alternative influences, a towering instrumental presence, and an expressive main songwriter already point to a bright future for the band. Most of all though, Wish Goes On stands as a testament to the band’s burgeoning chemistry. As these songs took form, they shifted from solo creations to a product of the band’s collective creativity and the resulting tracks are more explosive and enthralling than ever.

Dyer says of the EP, “’Wish Goes On’ signifies a new beginning. It marks the transition from MILLY being primarily a solo endeavour to a full-on collaborative and living being. The songs serve as an example of time passing, new passages, and ideas to wish for. It is an acknowledgment of all that I’ve experienced in the past few years but stepping forward with new energy.. accompanied and supported by the best people. The guitars are big, the lyrics are heartfelt and true, and the future is looking bright. It’s everything I have collected over time and emphasized, via the lens of my closest contributors. We have become one single unit on ‘Wish Goes On.’” Wish Goes On is out now via Dangerbird Records. Check out the band’s upcoming livestream with Baby’s All Right here.

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