November 27, 2021

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Marcus Mumford Crashes Carey Mulligan’s ‘SNL’ Monologue

“I’m also very excited to be here because my husband was actually musical guest three times — Marcus Mumford from Mumford & Sons! Or as I like to call it, My Husband & Sons,” she boasted. “But he couldn’t be here tonight, so he’s at home watching the children. So hi, babe! Love you!”

That’s when the musician chimed in from the back of the audience. “Love you too! Hi, Carey! Couldn’t miss this for the world!” he called down with the a wave as the audience cheered. “And I meant to ask: Do you know if they booked a musical guest for tonight?”

After being informed that the show indeed already had a musical guest booked, Mumford let his wife know that he’s ready should SNL need someone to step in. “Well, if they end up needing anyone, I’m very happy to do it,” he insisted, hoping to play the show for a fourth time. “Really, I have my guitar!”

Mulligan then attempted to get the show back on track, but was interrupted once more when the musician started playing his instrument. “Babe!” cried the actress. “Babe!”

“Sorry. I thought you were giving me the signal — our secret couples signal for ‘please play the guitar,'” Mumford sheepishly explained.

Trying to appease her husband, Mulligan made a suggestion. “How about this: Do you remember the bit at the end of the monologue where the host says we have a musical guest, we have a great show and we’ll be back and …,” she said before becoming startled by Mumford’s sudden appearance next to her on stage. “OK, would you like to play the guitar while I say that part?”

With a big childlike grin on his face, the musician enthused, “Extremely, yes!” and began strumming his guitar as the actress closed out her monologue.

Mumford appeared once more at the show’s end, when Mulligan thanked musical guest Kid Cudi as well as her husband. As the show wrapped, Chris Redd also paid tribute to rapper DMX, who died on Friday.

Watch Mulligan’s monologue below.

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