January 25, 2022

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Pleasure State — the trio of Lee Foss, MK and Anabel Englund — wasn’t just a supergroup: it was a mindset, a portal to blurry summer nights spent swaying beneath the palm trees. But like many things, this state of pleasure was fleeting. After delivering suave hits like “Electricity”
and “Ghost in the System,” the group went dormant in 2014 as its members continued their solo careers, sometimes with one another (in fact Englund and MK’s single “Underwater” is currently No. 1 on Dance/Mix Show Airplay) but not altogether — until now.

For the 100th release on Lee Foss’s Repopulate Mars label, Pleasure State has reunited on their Break Away EP, which takes us right back to the early 2010s’ golden days. On the title track, the production is deep but bumpin’ with its melancholic chords and bouncing bassline. Meanwhile, Englund’s voice and song-writing ring clear as the voice of reason in this mini-narrative about finally leaving a failed relationship in the rearview mirror, perhaps by way of a soul-searching drive down the coast, past all those palm trees. — KRYSTAL RODRIGUEZ

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