December 8, 2021

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Premiere: Zuli Jr. Debuts New Single, “Two”

Premiere: Zuli Jr. Debuts New Single, “Two”

Stop It God. Coming May 14th Via Nurtured Ideas

Apr 06, 2021

Photography by Felton Kizer

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New York-based alternative R&B musician Zuli Jr. has returned this year, sharing a string of singles from his forthcoming sophomore album Stop It God. With his newest effort, Zuli Jr. looks to bring his celestial R&B and future-facing pop to a concept of cinematic proportions. As he describes, Stop It God is envisioned as a narrative revolving around Daisy, a corporate AI that shapes the world, blurring the lines between sci-fi and the present.

“I tied the album concept into everyday technology,” Zuli Jr. explains. “Social media reinforces the narrative of constant reflection and being your best self all the time. We get lost in this idea— and it affects our confidence. The songs are written as a mirror image of this.”

Zuli Jr. has now also shared the latest single from the record, “Two,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Two” once again paints with Zuli Jr.’s expansive palette, crafting a world of silky melodies and breathtaking vocals. Backed by acoustic guitar melodies Zuli Jr. reflects on a crumbling relationship, wishing that he could simply “pause the world and never resume/Hold

me whole I’ve broken in two.” All the while he’s accompanied by a seamless mix of R&B and indie pop, soaking his voice in a lush expanse of instrumentation before shifting to a moodier lo-fi soundscape. His poetic vocals equally shift, now darker and more confessional than ever, ending on a cutting reflection— “Nurture perfect/Perfects worthless/Pull the curtain /Underneath the surface/Is a kid who’s afraid to be wrong.”

Zuli Jr. says of the track, “For me, ‘Two’ paints a picture of the trials and tribulations of being an artist. “How one’s desire to create in a meaningful way can negatively affect the people around them, whether they’re aware of it or not. Tying into the themes of Stop it God., this inherent need to express yourself is more or less a selfish pursuit and can very easily distort your self-perception. The song comes to terms with this notion in ‘two’ sections. The first acknowledges this state of mind and tries to make amends, whereas the second is harsher both in content and tone. Coming from a more jaded perspective, showcasing the dark side of your ego that makes you feel as though you aren’t enough, even though you are. ‘Two’ ultimately plays as a public diary entry coping with my psyche / apologizing to my loved ones for being distant.” Check out the song and lyric video below and watch for Stop It God., out May 14th via Nurtured Ideas.

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