November 27, 2021

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Premiere: The March Divide Shares New Video For “Funk That You’re In”

Premiere: The March Divide Shares New Video For “Funk That You’re In”

cinq Coming April 23rd Via Slow Start Records

Apr 05, 2021

Photography by Rico DeLeon

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Prolific Texas singer/songwriter Jared Putnam has remained remarkably D.I.Y., for over a decade as The March Divide, self-releasing a steady line of singles, EPs, and albums. This year, Putnam has released a prolific run of new singles from his fifth album, fittingly titled cinq, with the last one arriving this month.

As Putnam describes, “I was able to revisit my rock roots in a meaningful way on this record, but still expand and experiment with the acoustic-based pop ideas I’ve been obsessed with the last few years.” That pop sensibility comes entirely to the forefront on his latest single, “Funk That You’re In,” a particularly prescient uplifting tribute to fighting through dark times. Now Putnam has returned with a new video for “Funk That You’re In,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Funk That You’re In” very well might be one of Putnam’s most pop efforts yet, but that certainly shouldn’t turn listeners off of its sunshine-drenched hooks. In fact, the track provides the exact sort of feel-good melody that feels all the more essential these days. Not a bit of it feels forced or artificial and every moment of the track is relentlessly catchy, with an easygoing acoustic instrumental, earworm pop chorus, and even a show-stopping kazoo solo. Putnam clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously, delivering a track full of effortless joy. Meanwhile, the colorful video dives equally into carefree territory, as Putnam is hit with a veritable deluge of mult-colored paint.

Putnam says of the video, “It might have taken four showers, four shirts, three sets of sheets, two pairs of pants, and countless gallons of Crayola washable paint to get through, but this was definitely the most fun I’ve had making a video. This song is easily the most ‘pop’ song I’ve ever written, so I wanted to find a way to match that feel visually. When talking it over with my friend, Hector Gallardo of Subharmonic City, who makes almost all of my videos, we somehow landed on the idea of pouring lots of brightly colored paint on a pristine white room and outfit.”

“I’m not sure that the production itself was as easy as Hector and I had thought it would be. The mess was epic, and in hindsight, I don’t know how we thought it wouldn’t be. But it was totally worth it. On a side note, my toenails are permanently stained pink, and I learned the hard way that just because it’s made by Crayola, doesn’t mean it’s okay to get it in your eyes.” Check out the video below and watch for cinq, coming April 23rd via Slow Start Records.

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