November 27, 2021

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Audio Drama Company Serial Box Changes Name To Realm, Moves To Free Podcast Business …

New Name, Now Free

SERIAL BOX, which had up to now produced and distributed audio fiction under a paid audiobook model, has renamed itself REALM and is pivoting to a free podcast distribution model. The company will continue to offer paid subscriptions under the REALM Unlimited banner, with ad-free episodes, early access, and bonus content.

The company also announced several upcoming podcasts, including an official podcast sequel to TV’s “ORPHAN BLACK” narrated by and starring the BBC AMERICA series’ star TATIANA MASLANY; “MEMORY LANE,” a drama about an experiment in which a woman receives her mother’s memories and a secret emerges; “GODS & LIES,” a murder mystery combined with mythology; SUMMER GLAU (“FIREFLY”) in “CTRL-ALT-DESTROY,” a thriller about a stolen video game that could be the last thing preventing a world war; “MACHINA,” about a race to develop AI for Mars; author RACHEL HAWKINS’ “BEATRIX GREENE,” a historical horror story; and “THE TRIANGLE,” a drama about a ship missing in the BERMUDA TRIANGLE.

“Our new name better communicates that our REALM delivers stories that are truly a portal to another world — a place where all are welcome,” said REALM co-founder and CEO MOLLY BARTON. “Fiction podcasts are a small but growing sector in the podcast world – only 5% of podcasts available today are fiction — so we’re particularly excited to bring world class storytelling to podcast listeners everywhere.”

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