December 8, 2021

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Maya Rudolph’s Beyonce Takes on ‘Hot Ones’ on ‘SNL’: Watch

So they start with a wing doused with an unfortunately named sauce that had a Scoville rating of 135,600. Things seem fine at first, as Beyonce expresses her appreciation of the wing while answering the first interview question, but she quickly felt the heat in her mouth. “Mmm, this is good! But, it’s good by the way, but it’s spicy,” she shares. “Wooooo! OK, this wing came correct. It’s very hot! [coughs] I’m good, though.”

The camera pans away to focus on Evans asking another question. When Beyonce appears again, her face drips with sweat, and she looks stunned. “Sorry, I good,” she squeaks out. “Your girl’s throat just closed up for a second. Let’s do the next wing.”

The following wing is significantly worse, with a Scoville rating of 635,000. As Evans asks about a potential Destiny’s Child reunion, Beyonce starts “oooooh”-ing loudly. Looking distressed, her fist in front of her mouth, she admits she’s sweating. “Beyonce’s head is wet. This wing is wrecking me! I need to hydrate,” she declares.

After gulping down a glass of water, she does the same with a glass of milk, which runs down her chin to her chest. “Got my a– drinking milk now! Room temp milk, for real?!” she exclaims. “Ooh, Solange in trouble now!”

Rudolph’s Bey continues to get so fired up that she calls to her hairstylist for help to get her looking her usual dignified self. “DiMichaelangelo, come to my side. I need you to take my wig off,” she demands. “Put six ice cubes up on my head. Then put my wig back on.”

After she’s all set, Bey asks how many wings are left. Upon learning she has to suffer through six more mouth-burning morsels, the superstar was done: “Get my agent out here. Todd, shut it down.”

As she storms off, Todd (Alex Moffat) takes control of the situation: “This never happened, folks! I need all audio footage files destroyed. If you leave without signing an NDA, you will be shot!”

Watch the sketch below:

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