October 16, 2021

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Gifted Vocalist, Songwriter Kate Clark Releases New Single “Wonderwall”

Kate Clark Wonderwall single cover

Kate Clark

By Martine Ehrenclou

Gifted vocalist and songwriter Kate Clark releases her new single “Wonderwall,” an outstanding cover of the Oasis 1995 classic, out March 26, 2021. With  beautiful and soulful vocals, this Nashville-based artist lays down her inimitable stamp to transform this tune into a calming, moving reinterpretation. The song was produced by David Lyndon Huff who did the same honors for the Doobie Brothers’ multi-artist tribute album, Southbound, that featured Zac Brown Band and Vince Gill.

Elaborating on the night she listened to “Wonderwall,” Kate says, “An infamous 3am wakeup call led me to listening to ‘Wonderwall’. Tornadoes had just decimated Nashville, a half block away from my first place I lived when I moved to town. The pandemic was closing in on changing the world for who knows how long, and I was a new mom to a beautiful baby boy. I found myself retreating into my mind and having long conversations with myself trying to find a way, any way, to slow down my world.

The calm I’d craved all day poured over the house and the candles were lit. Another thunderstorm had passed, my son was tucked in with his crew of stuffed animals, just myself and a microphone–and I was alive. No one is ever going to hand you what you need most. For me the ‘Wonderwall’ is knowing your true self, and the true nature of humankind.”

Acoustic guitar, mandolin and subtle hints of banjo add sparkling acoustic flourishes to this magical cover. With a touch of grit, Clark’s voice, full-bodied with such lovely tone, dips and soars in all the right places. Truly an inspiration. Be prepared to put Kate Clark on your list of artists to watch. She is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind singer.

Listen to “Wonderwall”

“Wonderwall” is a follow-up to last month’s single by Kate Clark “No Halo” that announced the arrival of an artist with an expressive, elastic voice that matches her sharp yet vulnerable sense of songwriting. Listen to the song here and watch the lyric video here. With Kate’s introspective lyrics about maintaining a strong self-identity in the face of life’s obstacles and a melodically bright, uplifting chorus, the song is “a melting pot of old-school and new-school,” says Kate. With “No Halo,” Kate aims straight for the heart with lyrics such as “It ain’t easy/ Nothing’s ever fair/You, me and God know/You can still be good with no halo.”

Kate Clark plans to keep the excitement building throughout 2021; the singer and songwriter will release a series of singles via her label Kate Clark Music distributed by BMD (Brooklyn Music Distribution), a song per month, alternating between original tracks and striking reinterpretations of songs that have inspired her.

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