October 28, 2021

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Ariana Grande Tries Out a Bunch of ‘Positions’ in Behind-the-Scenes Studio Clip

Ariana Grande provided some proof on Wednesday (March 24) that practice does make perfect. In a two-minute video she said was recorded “some time last year,” the singer peeled back the curtain on how hard she strives for perfection in the studio with footage of the dozens of takes for the outro to the title track for her Positions album.

On the album the bit she’s recording is a subtle, 10 second vocal run of ad-libs that seem like no big deal. But watching Grande do take-after-take to get it just right provides a fascinating look at how much work she puts into even the smallest details. We watch Grande try out, sorry, several different vocal positions, admit that “that’s hard!” and then ask for playback to dissect what she’s just done.

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She digs in again, tries to add another layer of harmonies, asks for “one more” several times and then worries that maybe what she’s adding is “too much” before trying to find a safe spot between the louder and softer vocals. “It should feel equal volume… presence… but one just has 12 more notes,” she tells her producer. Drilling down to the inner core, she instructs the crew to keep the “yeah… and then we’re good” before deciding that she needs to exit the booth and be done.

“Pretty! I love that, I love that, I love that,” she says satisfied, picking up some refreshments to celebrate nailing it. Grande will be back in our ears again soon courtesy of an upcoming collaboration with Demi Lovato, which Demi recently revealed will be called “Met Him Last Night.” The song will be featured on Lovato’s upcoming seventh studio album Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over, due out on April 2.

Watch the video below.

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