December 7, 2021

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LeBron James Thinks He “Should Have More Than Four MVP Awards”

Even if you’re not into basketball, there are a few big names from the NBA that have accomplished celebrity-status for their skill and charisma. LeBron James is an example of this sort of player. The 36-year-old pro-baller is nothing short of a household name, even for those not invested in the sports, and boasts the title of one of the most decorated players in the history of the NBA. Considering this, his recent remarks about feeling as if he deserves more than the four total MVP awards he currently has are more than verifiable.

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Trailing behind just Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar in total MVP awards, the all-star players sparked more calls of “LeBron for MVP” after a recent game against the Charlotte Hornets. After the game, LeBron spoke with reporters about his mindset going into every season and about MVP awards. 

“I should have more than four, I believe,” LeBron told reporters. “But … I don’t sit around thinking about it or crying about it, or whatever the case may be. I just try to come in the next season and be the MVP and be talked about [for] it again. I bet a lot of the greatest that played this game feel like they should have more as well, if you ask any one of those guys.”

LeBron last won the award for 2012-2013, but has been in the top three for almost every season since. His Lakers teammate Kyle Kuzma chimed in, vocalizing something many people think. “The NBA MVP is a very political award,” said Kuzma. “Bron should have been the MVP at least eight, nine, 10 times. Everybody knows that.”

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

While LeBron tries to not dwell on missed MVP awards, he admitted winning the award this year would be particularly special. 

“It is something. It means something, for sure. I’m not going to sit here and say it doesn’t mean anything to me. And for me to be able to win it a few times in my career has always been special…” he said.

He finished, “Being in the running, hearing my name with some of the best basketball players in the league this year again, it would mean a lot. At my age, what I’m able to do, what I’ve been doing this whole season, what I bring to the table every single night on both sides of the floor, it would mean an unbelievable thing for me, especially at this point in my career.”

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