January 25, 2022

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Oldsoul Shares New Single “High On Yourself”

Oldsoul Shares New Single “High On Yourself”

New 7″ Single “High On Yourself” b/w “Safety Net,” Coming Via Counter Intuitive

Mar 18, 2021

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Massachusetts band Oldsoul debuted in 2018 with Coy and followed last year with You Were Overwhelmed. Now the band has returned, following with a new 7” single, “High On Yourself” b/w “Safety Net,” coming this summer via Counter Intuitive Records. The band have recently shared the A-side of the single and an accompanying video, their first release of 2021.

The track shows off two different sides of the band, initially opening on spacious synth chords and restrained dream pop stylings. Yet the marching drumbeat from drummer Sam Checkoway and singer/guitarist Jess Hall’s crescendoing vocals point towards a fiery core to the track. That core explodes outwards with the chorus as bassist Chance Wells and guitarist Tom Stevens join the fray, building the song up into a joyous cathartic cry of independence. Glistening pop melody and roaring emo vocals stand side by side, coming together for an irresistible taste of what’s next for Oldsoul.

“It feels incredible to get these songs out during a year of such uncertainty.” Jess tells Brooklyn Vegan. “We had no idea what was going to happen. It’s been undeniably hard on us, but through supporting each other, we managed to come out of this stronger than ever. These songs represent the resilience of us as people. They prove that together, we are an unstoppable force of energy. We’re very proud of these songs, and hope that they can inspire others to keep pursuing the things they love.”

Tom continues saying, “We wrote and demoed these songs in my bedroom last spring during quarantine. We had been on tour for a month when the lockdown started, so rushing home to stay at home 24/7 was a surreal suspension of reality. At the same time, I was struggling with a relationship that I knew was failing. It took some time to accept these drastic changes as real. To me, these songs are about clinging to normalcy and the anxiety brought on by big changes.” Check out the song below and watch for the 7” single, coming via Counter Intuitive Records.

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