October 25, 2021

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Ingrid Michaelson, Zayn Release ‘To Begin Again’

“The collective sigh of relief resonated with me in such a way that I had to get it out musically. I sat at the piano and wrote most of the song right there in 15 minutes,” she added, noting that Aarons helped her with the second verse, at which point she realized it needed to be a duet. “I love ZAYN’s voice, especially when he goes high and sweet and sad. It was the perfect fit. The song is a song of hope and of release. Of beginning again…”

Malik’s verse finds him feeling equally eager to find hope in the dawn. “When the world was ending/ We looked up at the sky/ And we talked about the last song that we’d play/ So far from comprehending/ They’d lift us to the stars/ Never seen each other from so far away,” he sings. “But then the sun came right back/ And the kids played as if nothing had happened/ And, it’s alright/ It’s OK/ We will get another day/ To begin again, to begin again, to begin again.”

In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Wednesday, Michaelson said she was not planning to work on any new pop tunes as she hammered down on The Notebook and an animated children’s show. But she suddenly felt compelled to write “To Begin Again,” which she hopes will give people a “collective sigh” of relief.

“It was more than it just came out. I had to. Who writes a pop song that’s like when the world was ending,” she said to Lowe. “Like, that’s not very happy and joyful. People don’t want to hear that.” Luckily for her, Zayn’s management had reached out in January 2020 to let her know that he was a fan, which left her shellshocked that someone she considers to be on a totally “different level of famedom” wanted to work with her.

Then, COVID happened, followed by last summer’s protests over the police killing of George Floyd and Aarons adding the pivotal second verse, which led Michaelson to think that Malik’s “beautiful high voice” would be the perfect compliment. “So, we reached out to him, and they immediately were like, ‘Yeah. He loves it. He wants to do it.'” And though they still have not spoken, a few weeks later his vocals landed in her inbox and the song was complete.

“I think he’s a private guy. I think he does what he believes in,” she said of the press-shy former One Direction member. “And he doesn’t do what he doesn’t believe in. And the fact that he chose to sing on my song is like extremely amazing. And the fact that he chose to do that now, especially knowing what I know about him, which is he is very elusive.”

Watch the lyric video for “To Begin Again” below.

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