On Friday morning, a tragic shootout occurred in Tennessee between Metro Nashville Police Officer Josh Baker and 31-year-old Nika N. Holbert. Holbert was pulled over when Officer Baker discovered that the owner of the black Chevrolet Camaro she was driving had multiple warrants out for his arrest. She was alone in the vehicle, however, and the owner, Demond M. Buchanan, was not present at the time of the stop. 

Bodycam footage captured the entire shooting, which is incredibly graphic and disturbing. After pulling Baker over and letting her know that the owner of the vehicle has arrest warrants out, he begins to go through her purse. Holbert is on her phone, and eventually Baker comes across a little plastic baggy of what appears to be either marijuana or a white powder, which is seemingly what prompts him to try to put handcuffs on her. Baker tells Holbert, “do me a favour,” as he turns her around in an attempt to put Holbert in cuffs.

She immediately refuses and says, “I haven’t done anything wrong.” She runs from Baker while he points a taser at her, saying “You’re about to get tased.” Holbert, in a panic, runs around the vehicle and gets back into the car, where Baker tases her while she is sitting and screaming for help. Holbert continues to scream while Baker attempts to remove her from the vehicle. She then grabs a handgun out of the car and the two fire shots at one another.

Warning: Graphic video

Holbert was rushed to the hospital but was later pronounced dead. Baker sustained a gunshot wound under his bullet-resistant vest but is in stable condition.

Holbert’s mother does not believe that Nika shot the officer, telling WSMV News4 Nashville, “I don’t think my daughter shot him.” The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and prosecutors from the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office are reviewing the fatal shooting.