January 25, 2022

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2021 Grammy Performances: All the Performances Ranked

23. Lionel Richie, “Lady”

Although Richie wrote the song “Lady” for Kenny Rogers, whom he honored during the 12-minute in memoriam tribute, his somber performance did not deliver as much emotion one would expect for their dear friend.

22. Miranda Lambert, “Bluebird”

Lambert’s sequined blue dress dazzled underneath the colorful floral arrangement hanging from the ceiling, but the country singer simply breezed through her performance when she could’ve soared.

21. Maren Morris & John Mayer, “The Bones”

Maren Morris’ unwavering vocals and John Mayer’s guitar skills cannot be questioned, but their chemistry might be. While maintaining social distancing, the two snuck a few side glances at each other during their rather disjointed duet.

20. HAIM, “The Steps”

Following Billie Eilish and Finneas’ performance of “Everything I Wanted,” HAIM did not come to play in the sibling battle of the bands. Este, Danielle and Alana Haim owned center stage (which wasn’t even a stage at all, but rather in the middle of the floor where many performances took place inside the Los Angeles Convention Center), and all three sisters jammed out on their own guitars at one point, further nailing the point that women dominated rock this year at the Grammys.

19. Brandi Carlile, “I Remember Everything” 

Brandi Carlile remembered John Prine, who won two posthumous Grammy Awards for “I Remember Everything,” for “everything” he contributed to country music with a simple yet supple acoustic performance. With nothing more than her guitar and crisp all-black suit, the late singer-songwriter’s staple outfit, she needed nothing more to get the job done.

18. Black Pumas, “Colors”

The red- and yellow-colored lights showering down on the Black Pumas, along with the duo’s lifelike black puma statues and larger-than-life insignia, spelled out their performance loud and clear — but not as loud as Eric Burton’s fierce growls. Burton reminisced on manifesting this Grammys performance while busking at the Santa Monica Pier during the Gibson Hazard-directed clip prior to the performance, and it certainly paid off.

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