October 21, 2021

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Premiere: Dosser Debuts New Video For “Kung Lao” | Under the Radar

Premiere: Dosser Debuts New Video For “Kung Lao”

Brainscan EP Out Now Via Really Rad Records

Mar 12, 2021

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Baltimore, MD-based band Dosser calls back to the ‘90s with an invigorating pastiche, evoking the best of the days of grunge, pop punk, and alt rock. After forming in 2018, the band debuted in February with their EP Brainscan, the first taste of the band’s style ahead of their, currently untitled, debut LP. Dosser have since returned, sharing the video for their track, “Kung Lao,” premiering with Under the Radar. 

“Kung Lao” is exactly the kind of alt rock that would’ve fit perfectly on Foo Fighters’ debut LP. The bright vocal delivery even shares more than a passing resemblance with Dave Grohl’s vocals on that record, pulling off a similar trick of contrasting a stormy instrumental with undeniable melodicism. That sense of gentle melody fractures and burns with the chorus, shifting into distorted, riff-heavy alt rock. The quartet especially shines in the instrumental climax, driving forward with massive bass riffs and held together by a surge of airtight drumming. With the addition of a fiery guitar solo the track hits the exact combination of sharp alternative styles that should prove instantly familiar and relentlessly addictive to Gen Xers. 

Really Rad Records says of the project, “I first heard their record Brainscan around June of 2020 and instantly fell in love with the energy of the performances in every track. The production was so tight and guitar tones were killer. I couldn’t believe it had been out for more than 6 months and I had never heard anyone talking about it. I thought that was a shame, so we discussed the idea of a vinyl re-release with the band. We’re really happy Dosser agreed to let us give the record another chance to shine because the response from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive and It’s been an exciting project to work on.” Check out the song and video below and pre-order the Brainscan vinyl here.

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