November 27, 2021

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‘Drag Race’: Elliott with 2 Ts Elimination Playlist & Interview

When it comes to Snatch Game, though, Elliott doesn’t know that she totally agrees with the judges’ assessment of her performance as the Blanche Devereaux actress. “I just think it’s ridiculous they didn’t hear a Southern accent, because I literally have a natural Southern accent that I suppress,” she says, chuckling to herself. “But it is what it is, I feel accomplished for even getting to Snatch Game, because that really is the pinnacle point in the season for all of us.”

While her performance in Snatch Game caught her some negative feedback from the judges, her lip-syncing skills were always seen for what they were: excellent. Throughout the season, Elliott proved herself to be a dancer through and through, especially in her now-iconic lip sync against LaLa Ri to Kelly Clarkson’s “Whole Lotta Woman.”

But Elliott says she wants fans to understand how truly terrifying it is to be put in the bottom on Drag Race. “In those moments, you just black out. I cannot remember a single moment from any of the lip syncs I did on the show, because you are staring into the face of the god of drag, RuPaul,” she says.  “Like, you how she looks on TV? That is exactly how she looks in the room, it’s crazy. It’s the most incredible experience ever.”

Putting aside any of the drama or pettiness from the season, Elliott says she already misses getting to kiki in the work room with her fellow contestants, especially in an episode like “The Bag Ball,” where she says the girls were going wild. “I just remember everyone laughing and it just being so joyous,” she says. “We all truly had the best time that day. I miss that!” 

Below, Elliott put together a special playlist of some of her all-time favorite music. Featuring just about everything, from Macy Gray to Ariana Grande, check out all of Elliott’s picks below.

Jessie J, “Big White Room (Live)”

“For one thing, Jessie J has one of the most incredible voices ever. But also I relate so much to the lyrics. Sometimes you feel like you’re going crazy when you’re sitting alone with your thoughts.”

Macy Gray, “Sexual Revolution”

“It’s just such a fun bop! Love everything about it. It was a song one of my show hosts would perform every week at the show I first started doing when I moved to Vegas and first met my fiancé, so it’s super special for me.”

Debbie Gibson, “Electric Youth”

It is such a powerful, fun song that makes you want to dance. Debbie is actually a good friend of mine, so it makes it super special. Get up and dance with Miss Debbie!” 

Josh Strickland, “Last Dance”

“Josh is such an amazing vocal powerhouse! Such a cool clubby song and he’s a Vegas local. Love him!!! He was the original Tarzan on Broadway so he has some powerful vocals.”

Kylie Minogue, “Miss a Thing”

“Her Disco album is EVERYTHINGGGGG. Every song is a perfect flow. I would listen to this album on repeat when it came out. The perfect album to do chores to.”

Crystal Waters, “100% Pure Love”

“This song has been a drag staple forever but hearing it at Drag Race brought it back for me. I LOVE this song every time I hear it. Takes me back to when I first started drag in Dallas and would see the legends perform this song.” 

Kelly Clarkson, “Whole Lotta Woman” 

“Being a Texas queen, I’m so glad I got to have this song! It’s such a bop, and it means so much to me now. If I had to lip sync, I’m glad it was to a song by a true Texas diva. Texas women really do it bigger!”

Ariana Grande, “34+35 Remix (feat. Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion)”

“This song goes so hard! Doja and Megan really bring the heat to this song! It’s such a fun brand new song to help you feel your fantasy.”

Check out Elliott With 2Ts’ full elimination playlist on Spotify below:

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