January 25, 2022

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SiriusXM Airs Special Programming For Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month

SIRIUSXM is airing special editions of shows across several of its talk and comedy channels for WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH. Many of the specials are episodes of regular programming with guests and other content recognizing the month’s significance.

Among the programming, BUSINESS RADIO is airing interviews on “RANDI ZUCKERBERG MEANS BUSINESS” on MARCH 24th with WW INTERNATIONAL Pres./CEO MINDY GROSSMAN and MARCH 31st with KATHY IRELAND; two episodes of SHE’S SO FUNNY’s “THE HUMAN CENTIPOD” with CARMEN LYNCH and JOHN REYNOLDS will be devoted to women in history on MARCH 9th and 23rd and a “MORE FUNNY WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE” special will air on MARCH 12th with CAROL LEIFER, CAROLINE RHEA, TAMMY PESCATELLI, THEA VIDALE, CAROLE MONTGOMERY, and JULIA SCOTTI; TODAY SHOW RADIO will air HODA KOTB interviewing WOMAN’S DAY Editor-in-Chief MEAGHAN MURPHY and designer NORMA KAMALI on TODAY’s show (3/8); and special interviews will air on P.O.T.U.S.’ “JULIE MASON MORNINGS” and ROAD DOG TRUCKING RADIO’s “WOMEN IN TRUCKING” shows all month.

In addition, COMEDY GREATS is airing audio from ROSEANNE BARR HBO specials; COMEDY CENTRAL RADIO is interspersing half-hour standup specials from female comedians all month, as will KEVIN HART’S LAUGH OUT LOUD and RAW DOG COMEDY; DOCTOR RADIO will offer features and special segments; BUSINESS RADIO’s “LEARNING WITH RICHARD BRANSON” will air an interview with former IRELAND President MARY ROBINSON; RADIO CLASSICS will highlight LUCILLE BALL’s pre-“I LOVE LUCY” radio show “MY FAVORITE HUSBAND,” the radio version of “OUR MISS BROOKS” with EVE ARDEN, and three episodes of a 1949-51 NBC series about a female detective, “CANDY MATSON”; and PROGRESS will feature underrepresented female voices taking over regular programming all month.

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