August 18, 2022

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75 Modern Blues & Blues Rock Artists You Must Hear 2021

75 Modern Blues & Blues/Rock Artists You Must Hear 2021 image

75 Modern Blues & Blues Rock

By Martine Ehrenclou

Discovering great music is a musical pastime that we all love, a necessity for many of us. Since most current blues and blues/rock doesn’t receive commercial airplay, sometimes uncovering outstanding new songs and albums isn’t easy. Some even claim that great blues and blues/rock doesn’t exist anymore. But it does and it’s better than ever.

I’m making it easy for you. Here are more than 75 outstanding blues and blues/rock artists and bands you simply must listen to. This is real music by real musicians. These artists are current with stellar musicianship. Your music discovery awaits. Dig in and enjoy.

In 2019, I wrote “50 Modern Blues Rock Soul Artists You Must Hear in 2019.” You can see that article here. After that, I wrote “Your Additions to 50 Blues Rock and Soul Artists 2019,” gathered from your suggestions in the comment section. See that article here. That’s over 100 artists that we featured in two articles, some of which I considered under the radar and needed more recognition. Many of those artists are no longer under the radar and have earned or won Grammy Awards, Blues Music Awards, Juno Awards, Maple Blues Awards, UK Blues Awards and many others.

2020 and 2021 brought the worldwide pandemic and the music industry suffered a crushing blow. Although a few are starting up again now, musicians’ tours have been cancelled. Artists and bands have been forced to pivot to livestream performances, online teaching, and other sources of income. Not easy for any artist/band who has relied on touring.

Instead of adding to those two previous articles, which is too weighty for Google and causes lags in upload time, it’s time to feature 75 more outstanding artists. But for this article, I’m limiting it to blues and blues/rock. The next article will be on Rock, Southern rock and Roots music.

 Each artist/band listed has a link for information and a video or song so you can sample to discover what they’re all about. Most links have their websites and social media links. Please support them by signing up for their email lists and follow them on social media. Consider purchasing their music. Musicians don’t make much on streaming. They need your support now more than ever.

If you don’t find the artist or band you are looking for, see this previous article and this one.

If you’re a fan of blues and blues/rock, some of these artists you know well. I purposely left off widely celebrated names such as Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, John Mayall, and more. All of them deserve to be heard.

These artists/bands are in no particular order. This is not a “best of” or an all-encompassing list as there are so many more outstanding musicians. We welcome your suggestions in the comment section below in this article.

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