August 8, 2022

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Natti Natasha, Cazzu, Farina, & La Duraca Drop ‘Las Nenas’

She continues: “I can describe Farina as humble, La Duraca as unique, and Cazzu as talented. They all have so many great qualities that it’s hard to pick only one.”

A vibrant music video, directed by Daniel Duran in Miami, features all four artists breaking the rules and partying on their own terms. “Alone or together, we’re all one,” Natti chants in the song.

At the end of the music video, Becky G makes a cameo, where she’s seen picking up Natti from the crazy house party the morning after. “It’s a continuation, there’s something coming,” Natti says, hinting at another collaboration with Becky.

Meet the nenas behind Las Nenas below:

CAZZU: Born Julieta Cazzucheli, the Argentine trap artist is a self-proclaimed emo girl whose dulcet vocals focus on love, heartbreak, and second chances, as heard in her album’s Error 93 and Una Niña Inútil. For her experimental sound, Cazzu seeks inspiration from artists such as Halsey and Jeremih, telling Billboard that she’s “simply trying to create what’s essentially in my brain.”

FARINA: Farina (real name: Farina Pao Paucar Franco) is known as one of the pioneers of Colombian reggaeton, becoming one of the first women rappers in the game. Though her recent singles such as “La Boca” with Arcangel and the Thalia-assisted “Ten Cuidado” have a commercial sound, Farina’s improvisation skills can be found across her social media platforms.

LA DURACA: Dubbing herself as “La Bichota Del Genero” on Instagram, La Duraca is an emerging rapper from Puerto Rico who’s on our radar thanks to “Las Nenas.” “Three years of work, entertainment, discipline, and focus could not have ended another way. Your moment is here,” expressed her record label, True Entertainment, on social media.

NATTI NATASHA: Natti Natasha has come a long way since we first heard her in Don Omar’s 2012 hit “Dutty Love.” She was dubbed the “Most-Watched Spanish-Speaking Female Urban Artist” on YouTube in 2017, she has collaborated with artists such as Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, The Jonas Brothers, and Romeo Santos, to name a few, and her debut album, ilumiNATTI, launched at No. 3 on the Top Latin Albums chart in 2019. Currently, Natti is engaged to longtime manager Raphy Pina of Pina Records and is pregnant with her first child.

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