The last time we heard from Elite Noel, she was defending her mother against O.T. Genasis. The rapper had a falling out with Keyshia Cole on social media as the pair traded jabs over Genasis sampling Cole’s classic hit “Love” to create his Crip anthem, “Never Knew.” It was all in good fun, but Keyshia believed that O.T. Genasis should have contacted her in some way, and after their public feud went viral, they finally made amends and came to an understanding. During her appearance on Verzuz with Ashanti, Keyshia Cole even brought the rapper out while she sang “Love.”

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Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

While the singer was still at odds with Genasis, he spouted insults about her mother’s substance abuse struggles. Keyshia’s sister, Elite Noel, came forward repeatedly to call out the rapper over his comments, and when he appeared on Verzuz with the singer, Elite couldn’t understand how her sister was so forgiving. In a recent set of posts made to her Instagram Story, Elite Noel shared why she no longer has a working relationship with Keyshia.

“Stop asking me why I’m not around my sister !!!!” Elite wrote. “She only likes ‘Do B*tches’ ….. meaning if you don’t ‘Do what I want u to do , I don’t want u around me’ and I’m not talking about (The MUA, the stylist, the hair dresser ) I’m talkin real friends/family ! Sis like ‘yes’ men , people that will ask permission to do their ‘own thing’ ….. oh and please believe if around her and not on ‘pay roll ‘ u broke fa sho fa sho.”

She continued, “I stopped working for my sister cause I was underpayed and under appreciated! Same reason why everybody else quit ….. It wasn’t no respect ! This isn’t out of bitterness nor hatred ….. to be honest I’ve gotten more bread by being disassociated if anything.” Check out her posts below.