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Premiere: Cleveland Indie Punks Biitchseat Debut New Video For “Anti-Depressed” | Under the Radar

Premiere: Cleveland Indie Punks Biitchseat Debut New Video For “Anti-Depressed”

I’ll become kind Coming March 5th Via Refresh Records

Feb 26, 2021

Photography by Manda Specht

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Some readers may have seen earlier this month when Cleveland indie punk band Biitchseat released their excellent new single, “Anti-Depressed.” The new track was the first the band has shared from I’ll become kind, the band’s ripping and heartfelt upcoming EP dedicated to “…those that are far too hard on themselves.” I’ll become kind is also the band’s first new music since their 2019 debut, To Name All the Bees in the Backyard. Ahead of their release date next week the band has shared the video for “Anti-Depressed,” premiering with Under the Radar. 

For the video for “Anti-Depressed” Biitchseat goes back to the classic punk haunt — the skatepark. Matching the progression of the track, the band accompanies the gentle acoustic verse with rainy imagery before the song bursts to life with potent power pop melodies and a sunny guitar-backed bike ride. Check it out for another taste of the band’s uplifting energy and irresistible hooks.  

The band says of the video, “When we started filming at the skatepark, we didn’t have a solid plan for what we wanted. We just knew we wanted to make a video that was energetic and positive to match the vibe of the song. Getting the shots of the skaters dropping in for the first time ended up complementing the song perfectly. This song has overarching themes of fear of failing and wanting to do better, and watching the skaters overcome their fears that day was really cool to see.” Watch the video below and watch for I’ll become kind, coming March 5th via Refresh Records.

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