August 8, 2022

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K. Michelle Spares Wendy Williams, Declares She Will No Longer Go Off On Black Women

K. Michelle, no pun intended, has been the butt of social media’s jokes over the past week after fans claimed that her implants popped while dancing on Instagram live. The R&B (and soon-to-be country) artist quickly debunked rumors and explained that she has been enduring an expensive, years-long process of removing the silicone from her butt injections, but that still hasn’t stopped social media users from getting jokes off at K. Michelle’s expense.

Yesterday, Wendy Williams joined the party and came for K. Michelle‘s butt implants, claiming that they leaked silicone on Idris Elba’s sheets back when the two artists were dating. While speaking on the situation, Wendy said, “Because I guess it took a little while for them to squish down and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, what is this on my underwear? What is this gooey’—I don’t know that’s what she said but I can only imagine the tragedy of the situation, leaving silicone on Idris Elba’s sheets.”

Many fans considered Wendy Williams‘ comments to be shady, but in a shocking twist, K. Michelle doesn’t plan on clapping back at Wendy Williams. Instead, the “Can’t Raise a Man” artist is taking the high road and highlight a few positive takeaways from the situation.

In her latest Instagram post, K. Michelle posted a clip of the praise that Wendy Williams offered after the alleged shade, in which the TV host said, “We feel that people are secretly very jealous of K. Michelle, and they’re bored with their own lives. And you’re mad because she sings, and you’re mad because she yodels. And you’re mad because this coming summer, her country album is coming out. You’re mad!”

On the matter, K. Michelle wrote, “If your going to report the story report the whole thing blogs. She also said this. You needed a story that bad huh? You couldn’t post this part the positive side.”

K. Michelle performs at the BET Music Showcase at City Market Social House

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Michelle also declared that her days of going off on her fellow celebrities are over, saying, “I will not be going off on another black woman I no longer get paid to do that. She cracked her jokes like much of you and said what she said.”

I’m on my journey. Media I know you have to do your job, but people are dying just don’t make it so hard,” the “V.S.O.P.” artist continued. Wrapping it up and reiterating that she has no beef with the talkshow host, Michelle said, “See you soon Wendy. ( definitely not a clap back, I don’t have a problem with this woman).”

Are you surprised that K. Michelle isn’t clapping back at Wendy Williams?

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